About Us

How We Work

Modern technologies are the cornerstone of how we work. It is through decades of development and refinement that we have produced the finest technology-based tools to accomplish our work. Coupling our highly experienced staff with innovative proprietary technologies provides our customers access to best-in-class services. You can leverage our experience and resources to:

  • Meet your goals with clients, business partners and industry regulators
  • Minimize expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Get timely results to support fast decisions
  • Leverage our resources to reserve yours for other projects
  • Accomplish more, with less resources, in less time

Letter from the CEO

"We formed this company in 1982 because we believed that we could be the superior information supplier and better serve the needs of the financial community. Our products and services have expanded since our early years, but our commitment to provide the fastest, most accurate information to meet our clients' needs remains steadfast. Our clients have placed their confidence in us, and we seek to repay that confidence every day. We have never given less than our highest quality service, nor will we ever. This is our pledge. This is our commitment. This is the philosophy that guides everything we do — for each and every customer we serve."
Tom Swider

(CEO & Founder)